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Services We Provide

Peer Support Services

LeyLine’s Peer Support Services links people living with a chronic Mental Illness to a Peer Support Specialist who is in recovery from a mental illness.  The Certified Peer Support Specialist is able to share knowledge and experiences through their own personal recovery story.  This can bring insight and guidance to individuals that other mental health professionals may not be able to do.

Family Support Services

The Certified Family Support Specialist assists families with a mentally ill child towards recovery by coaching, educating, supporting, and encouraging family members towards making informed choices and accessing community resources. They work with the entire family with plans and goals written for that family.

Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS)

This program is for individuals with severe and/or persisting psychiatric disabilities. The program is community based and has a commitment to community integration, normalization, and self-determination for the clients served. The purpose of the programs is to prevent the unnecessary use of psychiatric hospitalization, teach individuals how to live independently in their community, and promote the utilization of the least restrictive settings. Focus areas are related to psychiatric health, medical, vocational, and educational, financial, social, and relationship support, family, basic living skills, housing, community, and legal. Each individual is unique with unique goals and needs, the program is designed to be flexible and individualized for each person.

In addition we have a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week Crisis Hotline for our clients.

Case Management Services

Case management services is available for adults and children. This program refers clients to various community services, mental health and medical providers to ensure that all of the client’s needs are being met, that appointments are made and services are coordinated to result in the best outcome in the quickest time. Case management assists families to ensure that their children’s services are coordinated to meet their needs. We talk with mental health and medical providers, schools, legal personnel and providers with other agencies to ensure that we are all working together. We can arrange team meetings and bring everyone together to talk about the best ways to help each child. Through case management any barriers to participation in needed services or resources are addressed and removed.

Counseling Services

The goal of counseling is to help people recognize their thoughts and begin to change thinking patterns while coming to terms with themselves and their lives. Some techniques used include: visual art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy and play therapy.

Qualifying for Services

We serve clients who are on Medicaid and have a qualifying mental health diagnosis. We also take some other insurance plans and can make private pay arrangements.  Please call our office for details.

Don’t have Medicaid? Not sure if you are qualify? Unsure if these services are for you? Give us a call for a fast and free pre-screening over the phone. We may help you through the Medicaid application process.

To Learn More About Our Services Call 208-344-9797